Stages of an acid trip

stages of an acid trip

Acid trip stages refers to the progressive states you go through after consuming LSD. The technical term for getting high on acid (LSD) is LSD intoxication, which is commonly known as an “acid trip” or “psychedelic experience.”

This drug is quite unpredictable and has different effects on the every individual. Hence, the various acid trips or psychedelics experiences from every individual will be different. This drug hits different and after making you hallucinate, it will bring you back with a spirit of terror.

How Long Does our LSD Trip Last

Freelsdtrip shop has experimented its LSD in its different form on different individuals and some animals. We tested our LSD to make sure we give you the best Acid available on the psychedelics market. After the series of test carried out, the results were as follows;

  • The LSD (Acid) effects will be effective within twenty minutes to two hours (20mins – 2 Hrs). This depends on the quantity in dose and form in which it is taken.
  • We had 2 with after effects out of 20. This was due to the contra medications they were taking. (CAUTION: Don not take LSD if you are on treatment or take with other drugs)
  • Our lab test gave us concluent result to certify FREELSDTRIPSHOP with th “BEST LSD” on the market.
stages of an acid trip
Free LSD trip

To guide you, there are a few readable reviews on Acid trips at verywellmind online blog

Acid Trip Stages

Acid can be ingested in various forms namely; Liquid LSD, Acid Tabs (LSD Blotters), Acid gel Tabs and LSD Crystals. After ingesting LSD, these are the various transition stages you go through;

  1. STAGE 1 : Buy you Acid (LSD) from your local supplier near you or order online from us (freelsdtripshop) for free delivery. You can do it alone or with friends, but not advisable for your first time.
  2. STAGE 2: Find a quiet place at a corner in you domicile or a private room If you know you may have a bad trip, inform a friend so he/she can look after you.
  3. STAGE 3: Put the Acid (LSD) in your mouth. If it is liquid LSD, put a drop on your tongue and let the magic operate. Otherwise, if it is Acid Tabs (LSD tabs), put a square paper on your tongue and let it dissolve.
  4. STAGE 4: You have 20 minutes to 2 hour to get set before the acid kicks and you get to the greatest adventure ever. This adventure will last for 8 to 12 hours during which you will hallucinate and experience visual distortion.

Thanks for reading my post. Feel free to share, it is the psychedelics world. Its a free world, have the best LSD TRIP.

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