LSD Drug and its effects

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LSD, or acid diethylamide, is a drug that comes from flora. Also referred to as ergot, that grows on wheat and rye. This drug was initial produce in 1938 by 2 chemists from the European nation, Albert Hofmann and Arthur Stoll. One of them accidentally envelope some of the drugs after creation. The result of […]

Take associate Acid Trip? – Yes!

Many demonstrations come around us and the Canadian province since 1993. Phosphoric-acid fuel cells are being developed and tested to be used in town buses in several major cities. Oakland, California, Chicago, IL, Vancouver, BC, and Palm Springs, Calif. are all concern with the demonstration. This comes for town buses victimization chemical element fuel cells. […]

Stages of an acid trip

stages of an acid trip

Acid trip stages refers to the progressive states you go through after consuming LSD. The technical term for getting high on acid (LSD) is LSD intoxication, which is commonly known as an “acid trip” or “psychedelic experience.” This drug is quite unpredictable and has different effects on the every individual. Hence, the various acid trips or […]

Where are psychedelics legal 2020

what are psychedelics? Psychedelics are psycho-addictive substances that cause hallucinations. They are mind altering substances that put you in a state of high just like marijuana. However, this comes with hallucinations which makes this experience far more intense than any other. Psychedelics are illegal substances whose sale is prohibited in many places round the world. […]